Kathy here.

Every once in a while I’ll come across a film festival that feels like a good fit and I’ll submit one of my short films.  Now and then one will be selected and I’m always surprised!

This spring I came across a festival soliciting funny films made by women.  I mentally scrolled through my list of shorts.  Hmmm, Reservation For Hinkle.  After all, I laugh every time I watch it.  Feeling lucky, I decided it was worth the $35 gamble, sent if off and forgot about it.

Then, one 90 degree day during our feature shoot, I got a surprise congratulatory email.  Reservation For Hinkle was an official selection for the ‘The Broad Humor Festival’ in Los Angeles.  I was really excited (and really surprised).  Every day of our feature shoot had been really hard and not that much fun so it was good to be reminded that making a film can have some upsides.

2016_10_31-1-reservation-cast-and-crewThe entire cast and crew.

Anyway, September 1-4 (the festival dates) came and went. I’d long forgotten about ‘Broad Humor’ (love that name!) until the other day when, just for fun, I went to their website and there it was Reservation For Hinkle, WINNER-BEST STUDENT FILM. I was excited and surprised all over again.


A few days later, I got an etched star plexiglass trophy and tube of lipstick. 

I have no idea how many student shorts they received or if my award was a mistake but I don’t care.  It’s still fun for someone other than Vince to think something I did was the best.

There is a thumbnail of Reservation For Hinkle on our website. 

There is a thumbnail of Reservation For Hinkle on our website. It’s on Vimeo, password protected, and everyone that signs up for our email list gets the password. 😉

2016_10_31-2-reservation-crewThe crew.

Writing this triggered a few memories of the 2 night shoot.  The morning of the shoot we had no crew.  That afternoon, we met three smart, curious, popular, enlightened local high school kids with really steep learning curves. They had no experience in filmmaking but after a 5 minute tutorial (i.e. ‘this is a boom’) they agreed to sacrifice two of their summer Friday and Saturday nights (until 4 AM) to experience guerrilla filmmaking at the Cutter Theatre in Metaline Falls, Washington (pop. ~200).