A bunch of people WE DON'T KNOW filing in to see our film in Sedona. We just premiered at the Sedona International Film Festival. We didn't win the 'Audience Choice Award'..but we were RUNNER-UP! "A fraction of a percent" (festival director quote) behind the Dutch film, Adios Amigos but ahead of The Insult, an Oscar [...]

(almost) WINNING THE POPULAR VOTE2018-05-23T03:28:53-05:00

Just A Second

Our rough cut is now a smoother rough cut but it's still about 2 hours long so we're trying to figure out how to shave off 20 or 30 minutes which is not a lot if you are talking about driving from NY to LA but is a lot if you're talking about a film.  [...]

Just A Second2018-05-23T03:28:53-05:00