A bunch of people WE DON’T KNOW filing in to see our film in Sedona.

We just premiered at the Sedona International Film Festival.

We didn’t win the ‘Audience Choice Award’..but we were RUNNER-UP! “A fraction of a percent” (festival director quote) behind the Dutch film, Adios Amigos but ahead of The Insult, an Oscar nominee. Crap. Vince is kicking himself now for giving Adios Amigos a ‘5’ vote. I’m (Kathy) kicking him too, but I guess that means that we won the ‘US Film Audience Choice Award’…or would have if that had been a category 🙂 I nearly choked when I heard our name called! I knew I loved our film, but was surprised that everyone else did too. Vince, of course, figured we’d win.

We’re used to being judged with a stop watch and are still getting used to a world where the judging is subjective. Obviously Sedona was a good audience for the film (one Q and A lasted over half an hour and no one left!) and we may never show the film to an audience as receptive again. But it doesn’t matter because having this much fun at least once is good.

The film screened twice and both screenings were sold out. We’re wondering if we should just bag the rest of the festival circuit so we can end on a high note!

We’re just starting our festival year and we’ve been accepted to a couple of other festivals but have to keep them a secret until they announce their line-ups.

‘Hap and Ashley’ had always been the working-title. Sometime last fall we changed it to ‘Farmer Of The Year’. We half-planned to change it again but didn’t get around to it and now I don’t think we should.

We’ll be posting screening opportunities (or try to) when (and if) there are more, so keep checking back for a screening in the theater near you!

More later but now I’ll shut up so you can watch our trailer…

PS I wish I had better pictures…but I don’t.