The film is down to 1 hour 48 minutes. That’s 12 minutes (a lot of frames (17,280) shorter than last time we talked) and we still have all the scenes except the one casualty from last month. In 3 to 4 weeks we should be able to lock the picture (‘picture lock’ in film speak).* This doesn’t mean the editor would have to break something to get in to a make a change but at that point changes would be time consuming and expensive. For instance, the film score (composed after ‘picture lock’) is written to coincide to specific movement and emotions of the film…something you don’t want to mess with once it’s done.

*’Picture lock’ is a stage during the film edit. It occurs after which all revisions that change time or selected shots are done. ‘Picture lock’ is essential so sound, visual effects and color editing can be proceed without having to be redone.