An ocean break during a mountain bike ride.


A collarbone break after a mountain bike ride. (not pictured: 3 broken ribs and a broken finger).


Isn’t there some saying about how most accidents happen within 50 feet of the house?  Riding up to the house at the end of a mountain bike ride, a piece of the driveway sloughed off under my (Kathy’s) tire resulting in the broken collarbone et al.  So much for being that amazing First Assistant Camera I’d hoped to be for our pickups.  But, even with handing off my first AC duties to Vince* we got all of our shots.  More on that in my next post.

From the Cape, we’d zipped off to Vermont for an overnight to pick up the trailer, more equipment and props.  We’d scheduled our Vermont arrival time to be able to fit in a bike ride…but not a trip to the emergency room.  The best laid plans…. Then, we drove to Athens (another overnight), where we picked up the Red Scarlet (camera) and Zeiss prime lenses graciously loaned to us from the Ohio University MFA Film department.

We don’t physically edit during road trips (wouldn’t that be interesting?) instead, we have one long film meeting.  I have a big thick 3-ring binder divided into categories (titles, ADR**, voiceover, pickups, music queues, special effects…) and an agenda.  We start with roll-call and when everyone (both) is present, we start.  Sometimes it takes a while for both of us to be present even though we’re both sitting there .

And when we are understandably tired of talking about the film (after 3 years, that happens) we have a deck of well used Trivial Pursuit cards for fun.

*kidding…Vince was always going to be our first AC

**automated dialogue replacement (ADR): re-recording dialogue (with original actor) after the original film shoot to reflect dialogue changes or improve audio quality.
ADR may add new character or interpretation to a shot. Just by altering a few key words or phrases an actor can change the emotional direction of a scene.  Also known as looping.

Looking from our editing bay out onto Cape Cod Bay.  A pretty inspirational setting.  Lucky us.


Film status report: A month of Cape Cod sun and salt air saw our film briefly dipping into the 1:41s before creeping back up to the high 1:42s.