It’s snowing today and although we love snow, we don’t love it in October.  We’re thinking of packing up all-things-editing and heading down to Athens, Ohio for a while where it’s pushing 70 for at least the next ten days.


The Athens house is yellow too so no problem there.

Athens is home to Ohio University and where our MFA Film Program lives.  When we started the program we bought a house because it was cheaper than renting and our 130# buddy Max could have a big yard all to himself.


Max December 6, 2002- November 3, 2015

Can’t remember if I told you we were doing the rough cut (like the first draft) of our feature ourselves. We had a great editor on set (Dan Geiger, the on-location editor for Fargo) that cut a lot of scenes but then we remembered that we like editing and it would be a perfect winter project.  Ski in the morning (the yellowhouse is on the Craftsbury Outdoor Center nordic ski trails) then edit in the afternoon and evening.