We’re shooting mostly in southwest Minnesota.  Not Minneapolis. And not The Boundary Waters Canoe Area.  Southwest.  Known for (if it’s known for anything) fields of corn, alfalfa, soybeans, cows and above average people.
Why here?  It’s really not because we like to make things as difficult as possible.  It’s because I (Kathy) grew up here, we have great access and it’s kind of a secret.  The location is one of our characters.  I can’t think of a film that shows this part of the country as affectionately as we’ll show it.  You’ve all seen (and love) the wide open spaces of the upper Midwest but not the intimate winding, grassy banked creeks and wooded river valleys, honeysuckle windbreaks, meadowlarks, prairie grasses…

We’ll show it the way you don’t see it when you drive through on interstate 90.

Secret Location #2

Secret Location #2



Nothing went horribly wrong today.  I sent out sides for actors needing a video audition.   Vince and I reviewed video auditions and looked at 2 old Winnebagos*. Vince finished the contract for our casting director and I found a key to my Dad’s 31 Chevy (which runs like a top) that we thought was gone forever.

Tomorrow we’re meeting with our wardrobe/color pallet person and scouting locations.

*When you’re looking for a 70s Winnebago you have to realize it’s not going to look new inside.