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Lock Down

The film is down to 1 hour 48 minutes. That's 12 minutes (a lot of frames (17,280) shorter than last time we talked) and we still have all the scenes except the one casualty from last month. In 3 to 4 weeks we should be able to lock the picture ('picture lock' in film speak).* [...]

Just A Second

Our rough cut is now a smoother rough cut but it's still about 2 hours long so we're trying to figure out how to shave off 20 or 30 minutes which is not a lot if you are talking about driving from NY to LA but is a lot if you're talking about a film.  [...]

Breaking the Bank

Ines Peter as Iney, the bank teller, makes change for Hap while Brent Teclaw furiously adds numbers...with a pen! Let's say you're shooting a film and one of the scenes takes place in a bank. You're a stranger in town and trying to convince the banker it would be a good idea for him to [...]

Emergency Stunt Double

We were using the frankentrike Kathy's 84 year old dad Howard had built a few years ago from a 1976 Yamaha 500 and a Chevy rear end as a key prop for the scene. It was one mean machine.  We'd used it in a couple other scenes (where it didn't have to be driven come [...]

BIG NEWS and ‘WHAT?, no popcorn?!’

We wanted to show you the Yellowhouse headquarters in the winter and sneak in another blog post while it was still 2016. Now.  Are you ready for our big news?  It snowed today and….we have a rough cut*! (by the end of the year just like we promised ourselves). So with the snow, Vince having fixed the fireplace and our paperwhites blooming…we’re all set for our next phase. *Wikipedia says a ‘rough cut is the first stage in which the film begins to resemble its final product. Rough cuts…still undergo many changes before the release of the film’. Our cozy editing nerve center. […]

Freeze Frame On Friday

We thought it would be fun to reward our loyal followers with a freeze frame* once a week. We're going to call it 'Freeze Frame On Friday' and it will be a still image from our actual footage.  The images will be in no particular order, have a caption (or not) and be posted on [...]


Kathy here. Every once in a while I'll come across a film festival that feels like a good fit and I'll submit one of my short films.  Now and then one will be selected and I'm always surprised! This spring I came across a festival soliciting funny films made by women.  I mentally scrolled through [...]

Snow and It’s Effect on Editing

It's snowing today and although we love snow, we don't love it in October.  We're thinking of packing up all-things-editing and heading down to Athens, Ohio for a while where it's pushing 70 for at least the next ten days. The Athens house is yellow too so no problem there. Athens is home to Ohio [...]

‘Back To The Future’ and Acting

Kathy, Harry and Vince at Harry's house back in February after 120 pages and 10 hours of going through the screenplay page by page. Amazing editor, Harry Keramidas, (Back To The Future), had a great piece of advice for us the other day, "Taking a few weeks away will also give you a better perspective [...]

A Day In The Life Of An Indie Film Actor: An Actor’s Perspective

Mark Wilmes, the editor of the The Tyler Tribute (the local newspaper), in his typical style, wrote an entertaining piece for the paper a few weeks ago that we thought would be fun to share. This is Mark. Oh and did we tell you there is pie? I’d like to think I’m the same down-to-earth person I was last week at this time. I suppose there are some subtle changes to the trained eye, but I feel like being in the white-hot glare of the movie business hasn’t affected how I treat the “little people.” Others seem to be handling the transition well. From the talk I heard over the weekend, there have probably been about a hundred Tyler and Lake Benton area residents who have been rounded up to play extras in the “Hap and Ashley” movie that is being shot in the area. You may have read about the filming in the Tyler paper over the past couple of months. Tyler native Kathy Swanson and her husband Vince O’Connell have been shooting a feature film in the area. I’ve been helping round up some of these people but until last week I had avoided the stark honesty of a high definition movie camera. My movie career was hatched on Monday of last week. At least I think it was Monday. The headiness of being caught up in the swirl of imagining my star on the Walk of Fame has me in a bit of a fog. […]