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Blizzards, Farmers and Free Roast Beef

Bev (her name in the film and in real life) came down from Minneapolis for the scene. Her granddaughter (middle) and daughter (right) joined her as extras. A three generation adventure! I wanted to share a couple of short, sort of recent film related adventures. The Sedona Festival director called to invite us to their [...]


A bunch of people WE DON'T KNOW filing in to see our film in Sedona. We just premiered at the Sedona International Film Festival. We didn't win the 'Audience Choice Award'..but we were RUNNER-UP! "A fraction of a percent" (festival director quote) behind the Dutch film, Adios Amigos but ahead of The Insult, an Oscar [...]

Now Hear This!

Another film-associated trip to Minnesota.  Minneapolis this time. Bad sound can bump a viewer out of a film much more easily than bad picture and why we just spent 3 days in Minneapolis working with an audio engineer. Another thing we've never before done! In the last post I told you about sending off the [...]


An ocean break during a mountain bike ride.   A collarbone break after a mountain bike ride. (not pictured: 3 broken ribs and a broken finger).   Isn't there some saying about how most accidents happen within 50 feet of the house?  Riding up to the house at the end of a mountain bike ride, [...]

The Difference Between A Pickup And A Pickup

One kind of pickup. For the record, our film is hovering around 1 hour 44 minutes. We just moved our portable editing suite (which isn't really all the portable) from the yellow house in Athens, Ohio to a weathered cedar (not yellow) house on Cape Cod to see what effect a little sun and salt [...]

Lock Down

The film is down to 1 hour 48 minutes. That's 12 minutes (a lot of frames (17,280) shorter than last time we talked) and we still have all the scenes except the one casualty from last month. In 3 to 4 weeks we should be able to lock the picture ('picture lock' in film speak).* [...]

Just A Second

Our rough cut is now a smoother rough cut but it's still about 2 hours long so we're trying to figure out how to shave off 20 or 30 minutes which is not a lot if you are talking about driving from NY to LA but is a lot if you're talking about a film.  [...]

Breaking the Bank

Ines Peter as Iney, the bank teller, makes change for Hap while Brent Teclaw furiously adds numbers...with a pen! Let's say you're shooting a film and one of the scenes takes place in a bank. You're a stranger in town and trying to convince the banker it would be a good idea for him to [...]

Emergency Stunt Double

We were using the frankentrike Kathy's 84 year old dad Howard had built a few years ago from a 1976 Yamaha 500 and a Chevy rear end as a key prop for the scene. It was one mean machine.  We'd used it in a couple other scenes (where it didn't have to be driven come [...]

BIG NEWS and ‘WHAT?, no popcorn?!’

We wanted to show you the Yellowhouse headquarters in the winter and sneak in another blog post while it was still 2016. Now.  Are you ready for our big news?  It snowed today and….we have a rough cut*! (by the end of the year just like we promised ourselves). So with the snow, Vince having fixed the fireplace and our paperwhites blooming…we’re all set for our next phase. *Wikipedia says a ‘rough cut is the first stage in which the film begins to resemble its final product. Rough cuts…still undergo many changes before the release of the film’. Our cozy editing nerve center. […]