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Freeze Frame On Friday

We thought it would be fun to reward our loyal followers with a freeze frame* once a week. We're going to call it 'Freeze Frame On Friday' and it will be a still image from our actual footage.  The images will be in no particular order, have a caption (or not) and be posted on [...]

Freeze Frame On Friday2018-05-23T03:28:54-05:00


Kathy here. Every once in a while I'll come across a film festival that feels like a good fit and I'll submit one of my short films.  Now and then one will be selected and I'm always surprised! This spring I came across a festival soliciting funny films made by women.  I mentally scrolled through [...]


A Day In The Life Of An Indie Film Actor: An Actor’s Perspective

Mark Wilmes, the editor of the The Tyler Tribute (the local newspaper), in his typical style, wrote an entertaining piece for the paper a few weeks ago that we thought would be fun to share. This is Mark. Oh and did we tell you there is pie? I’d like to think I’m the same down-to-earth [...]

A Day In The Life Of An Indie Film Actor: An Actor’s Perspective2018-05-23T03:28:55-05:00

Why is everyone smiling?

With sixty-two actors and thirty-nine locations behind us, we finished shooting about three weeks ago. We showed a 30 minute first assembly of a few scenes at the wrap* party. Judging from the reaction of the hugely biased group, the film will be a crowd pleaser for some crowds. *in film making 'wrap' means the [...]

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A View From the Crew

It’s a wrap. We thought it would be fun to feature a few photos from the perspectives of our dedicated crew. Photo Credit: Joel Hamilton, Key Grip Photo Credit: Joel Hamilton, Key Grip Photo Credit: Joel Hamilton, Key Grip […]

A View From the Crew2018-05-23T03:28:55-05:00

Day 10 of Filming

I can’t decide if the time is flying or standing still…either way, here are some behind the scenes photos and if you aren’t jealous, you should be.   Prairie Home Companion’s regular, Sue Scott, came down to be Shirley, the waitress.   A little manure never hurt anyone.   The crew doesn’t come to the [...]

Day 10 of Filming2018-05-23T03:28:55-05:00

First Day of Filming

With day one under our belts, we are feeling really good. Finished an hour twenty ahead of schedule even with sticking in an extra boom shot. A boom shot looks cool whether you are on the ground looking up or in the air looking down.  How about that blue sky! And this is only part [...]

First Day of Filming2018-05-23T03:28:56-05:00

7 Days and Counting

Picking up odds and ends at Cinequipt. Won't be long now.  7 days!  We're saying "I wish we had another week," but I think even if we had another week we'd be saying that.     Part of the crew at our nightly production meetings that are scheduled to last half an hour but last an hour and [...]

7 Days and Counting2018-05-23T03:28:56-05:00