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Award-winning feature film starring Barry Corbin (‘Northern Exposure’), Terry Kiser (‘Weekend at Bernies’) and Mackinlee Waddell (‘GCB’).

Both in transition, an aging farmer and his granddaughter go on a road trip. With only each other as support, they discover that being young and being old aren’t all that different.

1h 43min
Drama with embedded comedy.

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After selling the farm he’s worked for 60 years, an aging farmer, Hap Anderson, (Barry Corbin) finds himself useless and adrift. Struggling to maintain his youth and driven by the possibility of showing up with an old flame to impress his old army buddies, he sets out in a ’73 Winnebago to attend his 65th WWII reunion in California with his aimless and unreasonably self-confident granddaughter Ashley (Mackinlee Waddell). As the journey progresses so does their relationship and they begin to understand and appreciate each other as individuals while discovering that being young and being old, aren’t all that different.

A deceptively simple look at aging, transitions, loss and family.

Winner: New Filmmakers Forum at the St Louis Int’l Film Festival and Minneapolis International Film Festival

Barry Corbin (Northern Exposure)
Mackinlee Waddell (GCB)
Terry Kiser (Weekend at Bernies)

Vince O’Connell
Kathy Swanson

Kathy Swanson

Vince O’Connell

Director of Photography:
Rob Featherstone

Will van de Crommert

Antonette Trussoni

Full cast and crew:


“Swanson’s screenplay avoids sentimentality, achieving instead the kind of gentle, humanistic comedy we rarely see these days in movie theaters” – Margot Harrison in SevenDaysVT and Rotten Tomatoes

“…it’s just so gosh-darn charming, as if “Minnesota nice” were bottled and poured into a projector.” – Sean Means – Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist – Salt Lake Tribune

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