About Farmer of the Year.

After selling his farm, an aging farmer struggles to maintain his youth by road tripping across the country in a ’73 Winnebago.

When Hap Anderson, a widowed 83-year-old Minnesota farmer that thinks he’s still quite the ladies’ man, sells his family farm, he finds himself adrift and staring a short future in the face. Driven by the possibility of showing up with an old flame and impressing his old army buddies, he sets out to attend his 65th WWII reunion in California with his directionless and unreasonably self-confident granddaughter, Ashley. Each with their own issues and agendas, they head west in a dilapidated Winnebago. Encountering oddball tourist attractions and eccentric characters, they find themselves in seemingly impossible situations with only each other for support. As the journey progresses so does their relationship and they begin to understand and appreciate each other as individuals while discovering that being young and being old, aren’t all that different.


Barry Corbin

With over 200 film and TV credits, Corbin is known for General Beringer in ‘WarGames’, John Travolta’s uncle Bob Davis in ‘Urban Cowboy’, co-starring with Clint Eastwood in ‘Any Which Way You Can’, or Roscoe Brown, July Johnson’s bumbling deputy in the acclaimed western ‘Lonesome Dove’.

From 1979 until 1984, he appeared in several episodes of Dallas as Sheriff Fenton Washburn.  He portrayed former astronaut and local business leader Maurice Minnifield on CBS’s ‘Northern Exposure’, for which he received an Emmy Award nomination and as Tommy Lee Jones uncle, Ellis, in the Coen Brother’s Oscar-winning film ‘No Country for Old Men’.

Mackinlee Waddell

Mackinlee Waddell was born in Dallas, Texas and is known for her role on ABC’s prime time hit show GCB (Good Christian Belles) playing the recurring role of McKinney Peacham with such notable stars as Kristen Chenoweth, Annie Potts and Jennifer Aspen. Mackinlee is attending the University of Texas in Austin, Texas pursuing her BFA in Fine Arts in the new Actor Training Program. She was just one of 16 selected out of over 900 who auditioned for the elite program. Mackinlee still actively tapes auditions and continues to pursue her acting career while studying at UT.

– IMDb Mini Biography By: MA

Terry Kiser

With more than 140 acting credits to his name, Terry Kiser is best known for the 1989 cult film ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’ where he played the title role, Bernie Lomax.  Other credits include regular appearances in TV’s ‘Three’s Company’, ‘The Love Boat’, ‘Night Court’, ‘227’, ‘Maude’, ‘The Golden Girls’ and ‘Will & Grace’.

Michelle O’Neill
Nancy Anderson

The Pelican Brief (1993)
Under One Roof (2016)

Robert Berdahl
Wayne Anderson

Dreamer (2010)
Great Lakes (2002)
Bind (2009)

James Gaulke
Scott Helgason

Fargo (1996)
Lucky Day (1991)
Older Than America (2008)

Sue Scott

A Prairie Home Companion (2006)
Thin Ice (2011)
She Led Two Lives (1994)

Jim Lichtscheidl

A Serious Man (2009)
Factotum (2005)
Best Man Down (2012)

David Tufford

The Center (2015)
Theater People (2013)
Fargo (2014)

Beverly Golberg

Paul Economon

Wild Card (2014)
All Night Long (2014)
Justice (2004)

James Detmar

Best Man Down (2012)
Thin Ice (2011)
Escape Back to the Movies (2000)

Douglas Sidney

American Rescue Squad (2015)

Joe Kessler
Travel Agency Manager

In an Instant (2015)

Jane Hammill

A Serious Man (2009)
Best Man Down (2012)
Charlie (2012)

Jeremy Frandrup

Girl Missing (2015)
Nostradamus: 21st Century Prophecies Revealed (2015)
True Monsters (2015)

Gini Adams

Flourtown (2008)
The Public Domain (2015)
The Jingle Dress (2014)

Aaron Courteau

Wunderland (2017)
To Say Goodbye (2014)
Memorial Day (2011)

Ryan Solberg

James Radloff

Joetta Wright

Soul Survivors: Dating Angels (2015)
Studio Luma (2014)

Arin Winger
Young Cop

Last Exit to Jupiter
Dawn of Conviction (2012)
A Cold Day in Hell (2015)

Brent Teclaw
Teller #1

Weekend Hat (2012)

Nancy Marvy

Untamed Heart (1993)
How to Kill a Mockingbird (2002)
Great Lakes (2002)

Anna Sundberg

The Center (2015)
Theater People (2013)
Fargo (2014)

Alison Edwards

Miles (2016)
The Red Wreath (2011)
Exile (2009)

Ricardo Vazquez

The Public Domain (2015)
Daddy Yankee: Limbo (2012)
In an Instant (2015)

Philip Spensley
Denny deKoker

Moody Beach (1990)
If Looks Could Kill (1991)
Rudy: The Rudy Giuliani Story (2003)

Marlys Crawford
Lois Anderson


Leona Mikkelsen


Mark Wilmes

Katie Walgrave

Casefile 293610 (2016)
Death Rot (2014)
Gone in a Flash (2015)

Dale Swanson

Eukariah Tabaka

Marissa Condon

Allen Regimbal

Bonejangles (2016)

Antonette Trussoni
Travel Agency Hire

Barbara Powell


Jackie Wells

Jaclyn Britz
Teller #2

Inez Peter

Zander Tuszynski


producer; writer-director

Kathy and Vince have been collaborators for longer than either of them care to remember.
They met at the cross-country ski area in Craftsbury Common, Vermont where they cooked healthy meals from Moosewood Cookbook for guests, knit woollen sweaters, listened to NPR (or 33 LPs) and skied.
A couple of years later in Western Massachusetts Vince made a pair if cycling shorts by hand (yes, that means using a needle and thread) because cycling shorts in a store cost too much.  The next thing you knew, Vince and Kathy were managing dozens of amazing employees and shipping out thousands of custom cycling shorts and jerseys to clubs and teams around the world.  At the same time they were racing at a national level in cross-country skiing, mountain biking, triathlons and inline skating.  Now, their film making career is following a very similar trajectory.
Intuitively, they’ve applied the same rules…
Do things right the first time
Do what you say you are going to do
Be someone on whom people can depend
Keep commitments
and work as much as you have to.

director of photography

Rob Featherstone has been a cinematographer for 15 years.  He shoots commercial, narrative and documentary.  Commercial clients include Target, Macy’s, Garnier , Nexxus and Coke.  He has shot documentaries for the Discovery and History networks.  “Forensics you Decide” which aired on MSNBC won a Cine Golden Eagle.  “The Artificial Leafwon 2nd place in the Focus Forward Film Festival.  Recently “Requiem for the American Dream” and “Indian Point” premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.  “The Vanishing Women of Chillicothe” is currently premiering on Investigation Discovery.  His narrative work includes “Skips” which played at the Tribeca Film Festival.  His short film “You Don’t Know Me” was nominated for best short film at the Moab Film Festival.  Rob studied classics at Wesleyan University.  When not on a shoot he can be found in Beacon New York with his wife and daughter: usually splitting wood for the winter or re-reading the poems of Catullus.   His work can be seen at www.robfeatherstone.com

unit production manager

Michael is a graduate of Ohio University and is currently working as a freelance filmmaker in Los Angeles. He has worked in the entertainment industry from TV shows like NCIS: Los Angeles to a new feature film from James Franco’s production company. Michael has produced multiple short films and music videos, one short film, Just South of North, was an official selection of the 2014 Athens International Film + Video Festival and one of his music videos won the 2nd-place Audience Choice Award at the San Diego Fall Film Festival.

first assistant camera

Jon attended the School of Film at Ohio University, earning an MFA. After shooting nearly two dozen short films, numerous documentaries, and two feature-length films, he seeks new cinematic challenges and engaging narratives to bring to the silver screen with bold directors.

first assistant director

Michael has been making films for fifteen years.  He has made several short films and one feature film, Stoner, which premiered at the Austin Film Festival in 2009.  Michael has found assistant directing to be his calling.  Farmer of the Year will be the fourth feature film on which he has worked as 1st assistant director, his most recent being Claire in Motion which premiered at SXSW 2016.  He is excited to be a part of the team!

location manager

Cory Pratt is an independent filmmaker, screenwriter, and producer from Hartford, Tennessee.
His work has been showcased at the Athens International Film and Video Festival, The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, The Palm Springs International Film Market, The Wexner Center for the Arts, and a myriad of local and regional festivals in the US.
He recently served as Production Manager for Annie Howell and Lisa Robinson’s thriller Claire In Motion which made its world premiere at this year’s SXSW Film Festival.
Cory is currently based Athens, OH and is in post-production for his latest film Doll, with a projected release date of August 2016.

boom operator, sound assistant

Steven has an audio engineering degree from Ohio University and has been writing and recording music for 11 years. While at OU, Steven developed an interest in film production, and has since worked on numerous films doing everything from sound recording to music composition. Farmer of the Year will be Steven’s second feature film working as a boom operator, and he is very excited to be a part of this crew!

production designer

Sarah was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas. Her interest in carpentry began around age 5. She felt certain she wanted to make furniture and carve wood for the rest of her life. In the years following, her skills in design, building, and de-engineering, as well as her love for carpentry, painting and all things production grew. From age 14 she pursued technical theater to its extent in Little Rock. After being brought on to a few smaller local film projects, the permanence of film and television production became more appealing than the temporary nature of theater. In December 2009, she moved from Little Rock to Los Angeles, California. Since then she has relentlessly pursued and developed her craft, including completing her education. Besides being a talented artistic designer, Sarah is a certified draftsman and building inspector. Sarah presently resides in Pasadena, California.

second assistant camera

Dylan  was born outside Athens, Georgia, but has lived most of her life outside Athens, Ohio.  After deciding to make movies at age 13 she worked variously on television programs, documentary productions, corporate, promotional, and instructional videos, independent filmmaking, and far too many student films to count.  She’s happiest working as a cinematographer, gaffer, or assistant camera, but will do anything that involves making a movie.  Her short film The Persistence of Vision screened at the Southside Film Festival and the Columbia Gorge International Film Festival.

Educational background: BA, magna cum laude, in Cinema and Spanish – Denison University.

second assistant director

Megan was born and raised on an organic farm in Hancock, Minnesota. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art (with emphasis in Film and Printmaking) and Art History with a minor in Music. Her prints and stop-motion films have been featured in multiple solo and group art exhibitions. Her short film, VIII, was Feature Presentation at the UMM Undergraduate Research Symposium and awarded Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Death and Special Award for Artistic Vision. Megan’s film oeuvre gravitates towards the theme of human discovery of identity amidst conflict. She has recently finished her first year as a MFA candidate at Ohio University School of Film having created two short films and one documentary.

second second assistant director

Leander is a student at Ohio University studying strategic communication and film. He’s had the pleasure of working on many student films at OU, as well as the award winning feature film, Claire in Motion. Outside of school Leander enjoys writing and directing no-budget films with his friends.

web designer/social media

Tashauna has always been interested in the intersection of art and technology. While growing up on a dairy farm in Minnesota she spent hours learning the ins and outs of photoshop and constructing websites. She is a ’05 graduate of Southwest Minnesota State University and has a BA in art with a focus on graphic design. She is passionate about learning and enjoys discovering the many ways the internet can help people in their personal growth, as well as to connect through social media. You can often find her on her computer watching tutorials on everything from design tricks to cooking. Other interests of Tashauna’s include traveling, trying new foods, reading, and writing. Some of her articles have been published in Audacity Magazine, where she has written about physical disabilities and living life to the fullest.

digital imaging technician

Jacob Midkiff acquired his Bachelor’s Degree from Ohio University with a major in Integrated Media. Throughout his undergraduate education, Jacob worked as an editor and cinematographer on several short films. Amongst these short films, a historical piece named “Bicycle Day,” won 1st place in the Ohio University 48 Hour Shootout Competition 2015. Jacob’s latest short film, “Starbound,” is an ambitious science fiction project awaiting submission for a collection of international film festivals. Jacob plans to apply and pursue the Ohio University MFA Film Program for 2017, but until then, he is anxious to continue traveling and contributing on various creative projects.

Matthew Willets

swing grip

Matthew Willets is a person from Burlington, North Carolina. He got his start making stop motion films at the age of thirteen. He studied Sociology and Screenwriting at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte before jumping from job to job in Los Angeles as a PA, background actor and intern providing script coverage during 2013. In 2014, he relocated to Seoul, South Korea where he taught English and wrote two feature screenplays. Now, Matthew is entering his second year of graduate school at Ohio University to graduate with an MFA in Film Production.

key grip

Joel Hamilton has spent the last 17 years working in the film world over several departments. Highlights of his career would be The Purge, Brick, The Devil’s Carnival and Apollo 18.
Emma Holman-Smith

script supervisor

Emma Holman-Smith is a recent graduate of Ohio University with a bachelors degree in mathematics, Russian, and film. Emma’s interest in filmmaking began as a young child when she would make $5 slasher and adventure films with her brothers. During her education, she has worked on many student films in a variety of roles. This is her second feature project after working as a PA on Claire in Motion.


Christopher is a versatile cinematographer who can fill any role in the camera department. He also writes and directs films that have a touch of the surreal.  Most recently Oracle (2016) was an official selection of, among others, the Athens International Film Festival, Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival, Buffalo Niagara Film Festival, Miami Independent Film Festival, Sydney World Film Festival, Motor City Nightmares Film Festival, Polish International Film Festival and Chennai International Film Festival.  His previous short film Home Near Water (2014), was awarded Best Romantic Short at the Chicago Underground Film Festival and selected at Maryland Film Festival, MNTV TPT and the Walker Art Center Film Festival. He holds a BFA in painting and video from the University of Minnesota and an MFA in filmmaking from Ohio University.  He resides in St. Paul, Minnesota. (www.chris-lange.com)

production assistant

Richard is a current student in the Media Arts & Studies program at Ohio University. He hopes to become a Producer but revels in the opportunity to work any position on set of a good project. An Eagle Scout hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Richard has worked in a multitude of projects from the annual Athens 48 hour shootout where his 2016 submission The Fortcoming took second place overall to commercial work with the Gahanna based company Post House LLC. Richard is excited to work on this upcoming project.

Kate Kanne

wardrobe coordinator

Kate Kanne graduated this past May with her MFA in theatre from MSU Mankato. She is theatre designer and artisan in various areas, but scenic design is her primary focus. She has scenic designed for several plays and musicals at MSU and Highland Summer Theatre including The Miracle Worker, Next to Normal and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Kanne will be an interterm lecturer this next year at Central College in Pella, IA.

key hair/make up

In 2011, after recieving my license for Aestheology, I started my career in a salon enviroment as a laser tech while also heading up the makeup department in our spa. Soon after, I continued my education at Faces Etc. of MN Makeup Artistry school to hone my skills as a makeup artist. Today, having 5 years of on-set experience in film, television, print and bridal, I have also expanded to FX and prosthetic applications with an Education from Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles and under mentorship at Metamorphosis Makeup, which I have found to be a true passion. As I continue to grow in the industry, I also continue to grow as an educator. I became part of the Faces Etc. education team in 2013 and continue to instruct beauty courses through-out the year.

props assistant

Jaclyn is currently pursuing her BFA in Musical Theatre from Minnesota State University, Mankato. Recently onstage, she could be seen playing Sonia in Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, and Annie Sullivan in The Miracle Worker. She spent two summers with Alpine Theatre Project acting as an intern and Wardrobe Supervisor. Farmer of the Year is her first feature film and she is beyond excited to have the opportunity to work on this project.