Project Description

Rob Featherstone

director of photography

Rob Featherstone has been a cinematographer for 15 years.  He shoots commercial, narrative and documentary.  Commercial clients include Target, Macy’s, Garnier , Nexxus and Coke.  He has shot documentaries for the Discovery and History networks.  “Forensics you Decide” which aired on MSNBC won a Cine Golden Eagle.  “The Artificial Leafwon 2nd place in the Focus Forward Film Festival.  Recently “Requiem for the American Dream” and “Indian Point” premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.  “The Vanishing Women of Chillicothe” is currently premiering on Investigation Discovery.  His narrative work includes “Skips” which played at the Tribeca Film Festival.  His short film “You Don’t Know Me” was nominated for best short film at the Moab Film Festival.  Rob studied classics at Wesleyan University.  When not on a shoot he can be found in Beacon New York with his wife and daughter: usually splitting wood for the winter or re-reading the poems of Catullus.   His work can be seen at